General information

Welcome to Bergen?

Yes, Bergen! Source:

Don’t get confused if you arrive by plane to Bergen Airport Flesland. If this is what you see exiting the airport, you are in the right place!


Bergen has a maritime climate with cold, rainy winters and cool summers. Average daytime temperatures in February are around 0°C, with lows -2 C, and highs +2 C.  Precipitation average is 216 mm, with 13-14 days of rain. Average temperatures for June are around  13-18°C with lows 10-12 C and highs 18-20 C. Precipitation average is 108 mm with 14-15 rainy days. We advise you to bring along a water proof jacket and water-resistant/proof shoes, and warm clothes for February. Check the weather forecast for Bergen here.

Even Bergen Philarmonic Orchestra dress for rain in Bergen. Source:


The Currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK). Check current exchange rates here. Euros are accepted in tourist shops, not so much US dollars. You can pay with Visa, Eurocard and MasterCard in all stores. Digital payment solutions, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, are accepted in most stores. Cash is always accepted.

Safety and Risk

Bergen is a safe city. Beware that in the weekends, it can get “lively” downtown.


In Norway the standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Sockets are standard Euro plug socket type “F”  Adapters are usually called “Northern Europe adapter”.


Service charges are included in hotel and restaurant bills. You are free to tip restaurant wait-staff (up to 10% of the bill) if you wish to acknowledge exceptional service. At any time, tipping is your choice.

Emergency phone numbers

  • Fire 110
  • Police 112
  • Ambulance 113