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Food Tours

Combine beautiful nature and fjords with great cuisine.

A food tour from Bergen will give you a taste of local produce and an experience to remember.

One of the most popular food tours in Bergen is the Seafood experience at Cornelius Seafood Restaurant just outside the city center. Choose between visiting Cornelius for lunch or dinner. This restaurant is perhaps one of the best seafood restaurants in Norway. With local food and a beautiful setting, it has definitely found a winning formula.

If you would like to taste lots of different foods, join the tour “Food and culture guided walk”.




Bergen City of Gastronomy

Bergen City of Gastronomy builds on its thousand-year history as a meeting place and trading centre for local produce and unique culinary traditions.

Surrounded by the sea, deep fjords and high mountains and with ample access to fertile mountain pastures, the region produces first-rate produce from the sea and land.

Its rich traditional culinary culture and access to a great variety of produce from magnificent, pure surroundings provide the inspiration for creative and innovative cuisine. The Bergen region has a number of internationally renowned restaurants and a growing number of world-world-class chefs. Creative culinary artists who cultivate, develop and pass on local food culture and gastronomy, and who combine local produce, seasonal twists and creativity exquisitely.


Pubs & Bars

The nightlife in Bergen is an experience of its own. Sit down at one of the bars with outdoor seating along the historical Bryggen or Fisketorget on a spring day and let the fresh sea air fill you with energy and inspiration.

Many of the buildings in this area have a lot of history from the Hanseatic times, when seafarers from all over the world left their mark on Bergen in general and especially Bryggen.

Bergen is well known as one of Norway larges student cities, and the student life has created a young, viral and compact atmosphere in Bergen city center. There is a wide range of everything.