Note that both trips are weather dependent so they can be cancelled at last minute in case of adverse weather conditions.

The trip to Voss has been cancelled because the too few people signed in.

Tour 1: Finse and Hardangerjøkulen

Date: Sunday 28 August

Duration: entire day

Type of tour: Train and a ca. 5 hours hike from Finse to Hardangerjøkulen glacier, and back

Departure: Train from Bergen departing at 08:15, and arriving in Finse at 10:31.

Return: Train from Finse departing at 18:45, and arriving back in Bergen  at 21:18.

Travel route: Bergen–Finse–Hardangerjøkulen glacier–Finse–Bergen

Guide: Prof. Atle Nesje, UiB. Assistants  PhD candidates Danielle Grant og Kristine Steinsland, NORCE

Content: Landscape development, the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in the past, present and future, the Little Ice Age glacier extent and subsequent glacier retreat.

Cost: NOK 1300,-

Be prepared: Proper hiking boots, warm cloths (woollen underwear, thick sweater, wind and rain proof jacket and pants, mittens, scarf, hat). Check the weather forecast. Bring what you need as food and drinks for the day.

Special conditions: If you are not properly dressed, you will not be allowed to join the trip. August temperatures at Finse may range between ca. 5 and 11°C, and there is a risk for strong winds and rain. In case of bad weather, the trip may be cancelled.

Tour 2: Ulriken 643

Date: Wednesday 31 August

Duration: about 3 hours

Departure: Leaving from the cable car stop at Montana, ca. 16:00

Type of tour: Cable car and a short hike at the top of Ulriken

Travel route: Montana–Ulriken

Guide: Prof. Jostein Bakke, University of Bergen

Content: The Bergen city and its surroundings, geology, landscape, and history

Cost*: Cable car ticket NOK 345,- return (one way NOK 195,-) can be bought online

Preparations: Hiking shoes and clothes according to the weather. Make sure to bring a warm layer and a wind/rain proof jacket. Check the weather forecast here. Bring drinks and a snack. Alternatively, there is a café/restaurant at the top of the cable lift.

All participants will take the cable car up to the top of Ulriken. To get to the lower cable car station, you may take the Ulriken Express Bus from the Bergen centre (ca. NOK 40,- one way) or walk (3 km; ca. 40 min). Regardless of whether you take the cable car on the way back or choose to hike down the mountain, all participants have to be present at the lower Ulriken cable car station before 16:00.

Tour 3: Folgefonna glacier and Bondhusdalen

Date: Saturday 3 September

Duration: 8 hours

Type of tour: bus (4 hours) and by foot (4 hours)

Departure: 9:00

Travel route: Bergen – Jondal – Folgefonna glacier – (Bondhusdalen if enough time) – Årsnes – Gjermundshavn – Eikelandsosen – Bergen

Guide: Assoc. professor Pål Ringkjøb Nielsen, University of Bergen

Content: West Norwegian landscape, formation of Hardangerfjorden, Quaternary deposits in Bondhusdalen, geohazards, sea-level history

Cost: NOK 500,-

Be prepared: You will need hiking boots and, in case of bad weather, warm and rain proof clothes. Check the weather forecastBring food and drinks for the day.

Tour 4: Voss–Nærøyfjorden