Anniversary event in Bergen February 28th: See the recording

2023 marks 150 years since the discovery of the leprosy bacillus. This landmark in the history of global health will be celebrated throughout the year, and on February 28th – the date of the first observation of the leprosy bacillus – the University of Bergen hosted a commemoration in the University Aula.

The recording of the event is now available:


Master of Ceremony: Per Bakke, Dean at the Faculty of Medicine

Music: Studentersangforeningen, tenor Olve Gaugen and pianist Herman Lieberg Christoffersen, the Grieg Academy


  • Margareth Hagen, rector, Universitety of Bergen


  • Tedros Ghebreyesus, director-general, World Health Organization (video)
  • Ingvild Kjerkol, Minister of Health and Care Services, Norway (video)
  • Linn Kristin Engø, Mayor of Bergen

My great grandfather, the family and me

  • Abbi Patrix, storyteller and Armauer Hansen’s great grandson

The discovery: context and impact (conversation)

  • Lorentz Irgens, prof. em., University of Bergen
  • Baard Skogrand, conservator, Bergen City Museum

Leprosy today and how to achieve zero leprosy

  • Yohei Sasakawa, WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Leprosy Elimination and chairman, Nippon Foundation

Leprosy today – testimonies

  • Kofi Nyarko, president, IDEA Ghana
  • Paula Brandão, coordinator, Morhan Research Center, Brasil (video)

Today’s challenges, and how they will be met

  • Lia Tadesse, Minister of Health, Ethiopia (video)

Leprosy, ethics and priorities 

  • Ole Frithjof Norheim, director, Bergen Center for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health

Leprosy and human rights

  • Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, executive director, the Rafto Foundation