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While the discovery in 1873 probably took place in a different room, Hansen worked in the laboratory from around 1895. Prior to this, the laboratory was situated in the neighboring research hospital “Lungegaardshospitalet” under the leadership of Daniel Cornelius Danielssen. After Danielssens’s passing in 1894, Lungegaardshospitalet was repurposed as a tuberculosis ward, and the laboratory and research library was moved here.

The Armauer Hansen Commemorative Rooms opened in 1962 to mark the 50-year anniversary of the discoverer’s passing.  All objects in the exhibit are original. Unlike the Leprosy Museum downtown, the commemorative rooms are only open for tours by appointment. Unofficially, we refer to it as “The Secret Museum”.

The virtual museum was made to commemorate the 150-year anniversary of the discovery of the leprosy bacillus, M. Leprae. The project was initiated by Marion Solheim, who authored the texts in nynorsk below. Technical support, pictures and graphics was provided by Frode Ims and Lars Olaf HaaheimMagnus Vollset wrote the texts. The French translation was translated by Abbi Patrix; the Japanese translation was provided by Chiemi Sanga.

Version française:



 The virtual museum is part of a teaching package for high-school pupils. Content and resources for teachers is available here (in Norwegian).

The virtual museum looks very good on a cellphone, especially if you activate motion control. Scan the QR-codes below.



French version:





English version:





Japanese version:





Norwegian version:





For tours (up to 15 persons), contact:

If you would like to assist us in translating the virtual museums to other languages, please contact Magnus Vollset on the address above.

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